BMW is one of the biggest and best-known automobile producers in Germany.

With factories spread about the world, the group is international Importance. So it is no wonder that a lot of are interested in paragraph rephrase coaching at Bayerische Motorwerke. Extra data in regards to the dual study plan is attainable here.

Regarding the big BMW Group

BMW stands for top quality and precision in automobile production. The German group operates worldwide and employs more than 133,000 many people at international places. For its employees, the Group provides flexible functioning hours, eye-catching remuneration and many coaching possibilities that raise career opportunities. For these motives, a lot of students are thinking about instruction at BMW every year. You may learn what selections you will discover for dual research here.

What unique fields of study are offered by BMW?

The BMW Group offers courses in 3 distinctive areas. The group distinguishes involving 3 solutions for dual research. The combined course combines education and study. During the coaching, the related course is taught at a partner university. The benefit of this model is the fact that following graduation each a bachelor’s degree and also a education certificate are obtainable. The second choice is to study with in-depth practice, in which 1 only acquires a degree. Sensible assignments are carried out inside the BMW firm, however the sensible element is less than in the typical dual study program. A course integrated into instruction is only supplied in the area of finance and insurance coverage, but is equivalent towards the? Classic? Dual course presented at the starting.

Can I go for SpeedUp if i apply one of the Courses at yet another Studying college?

You’ll be able to apply, but you must go to Program start out within the 3rd semester at the corresponding Change companion university.

What’s the application

Particularly fundamental?

Additionally to superior college grades, convince us with commitment and yours Motivation for the subject is that you happen to be the suitable candidate for SpeedUp in the BMW Group. Do you currently have an internship? Accomplished, went on a language trip or volunteered involved? Try to inform us these items that make you in the on the net application.

The term “dual studies” has been implemented in current years for numerous programs employed. We define SpeedUp as Bachelor system with close ties towards the company, in which you gained loads of sensible experience in the course of your studies can gather. You achievean academic bachelor’s degree, but usually do not comprehensive a coaching degree. Within the framework from the typical period of study, practical assignment swith a To finish a total of at the least 10 months. Within this this incorporates compulsory internships, voluntary internships, Project operate and also the times for making the Final thesis as portion from the course